Counseling  to improve understanding, knowledge and Quality of life, without judgement.   
That's mY Goal.  What's yours?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-CBT

Motivational Interviewing

Rational Emotive Therapy

Reality or Choice Theory Model



Emotionally Focused


Crisis Intervention

Family Systems


Trauma Focused


There are many different techniques and types of counseling or therapy.  For example, Freud used what he called "psychoanalysis."  This often evokes the image of a person lying on a couch recounting their problems "free thought" while the therapist makes a diagnosis based on the client's underlying thoughts and motivations. On the side bar to the right I have included a brief list of common clinical techniques and counseling approaches.  Feel free to explore these styles and methods.

During your first visit we will simply begin to get to know each other. I will want to know more about what makes you an individual and why you sought out therapy. We will complete any needed paperwork and determine what fees are appropriate. No huge "breakthroughs" are likely to happen during the first few visits; however, the initial sessions do set the stage for what will hopefully become a long list of gained insights and new ways of thinking.

I currently provide services from the Parish House of the Church of the Atonement in the Edgewater neighborhood. Despite the location, therapy is not faith-based. I do not receive compensation from Church of the Atonement, nor is therapy influenced by religious precepts. Although it is not an expectation, clients of all faith backgrounds are welcome to explore spiritual issues that are relevant to them.


A Few Techniques:

Everyone enters counseling or therapy for different reasons.  Some enter with one issue in mind they want to "fix." Others may bring multiple concerns they want to work on together.  Counseling should conform to what you bring to each session and in each moment.  Counseling should always be affirming.
Keep this in mind: Techniques can be rigid, defining, become stumbling blocks, or clinical "go to's."  I believe there is room for multiple effective approaches.  I feel that every session is unique and can bring out diverse needs and insights.  For these reasons, I do not subscribe to any one approach to therapy or counseling.  Rather, I choose to work closely with you so we can explore all possibilities to healing.

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