My full fee is $150 per individual 50 minute sessions.  However, I provide service on a flexible and individual sliding fee scale.  This means the fee that you pay is based on your income and other information gathered from the forms mentioned above.  The fee will be mutually agreed-upon, fair, and appropriate to the services provided.  Average session fees range from $40-90 for most clients.  If I can work with your insurance, you will pay any co-payment and I will receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.  Insurance options are most Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BC/BS) PPO and some BC/BS Multi-State plans only.  You can see all plans I accept at BC/BS of Illinois' website under: "Provider Finder."

Payment is expected at time of session.  My full fee may also be incurred if sessions are cancelled less than 12-24 hours ahead of time or without appropriate notice.  Missing scheduled appointments will result in billing to you and possible termination of service.  Fees that are not paid within 60 days of service may be turned over to debt recovery professionals. 

On the assessment and intake forms I ask for basic information that will help me understand a little about why you are seeking therapy.  They are also designed to help us create a treatment plan or set goals for our work.  The information you provide here will be useful as we discuss and determine session fees. 

It is very helpful to have these forms completed and returned to me a few days before our first session.  Your cooperation and honesty in completing these forms will be helpful to us both, and is greatly appreciated. 

Please note: I will email all forms to you before our first session.  Please see contact tab for my faxing contact.  Forms can also be scanned and emailed to my email address found in this section.


SMART Goals in Therapy

  1.  Specific
  2.  Measurable
  3.  Attainable
  4.  Relevant
  5.  Time-bound

Having therapy goals, as in life, are important.  Goals will help fuel your therapy sessions and provide focus and hopefully build a solid sense of accomplishment as you move along.

The required HIPAA and consent form explains my services and provides more details about what you can expect as we begin our time together.  This form is designed to give you as much information as possible so that you can make the decisions that are right for you in regards to therapy and counseling.  This is a big step you're taking, and it should not be made lightly. 

We cannot begin working together until you have read and signed this form, and a copy is given to you. 

We will also establish which of my locations has the best availability for you.  Each location has different hours of availability and fee structure.

To learn a little about you...

More about my fee policy...

I need your consent & understanding.

Before we meet:

Counseling  to improve understanding, knowledge and Quality of life, without judgement.   
That's mY Goal.  What's yours?